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We have all facilities to manufacture or re-condition all types of steam labyrinth glands and oil glands for turbines and compressors i.e., 2 halves, 4 or 6 segment, multi-segment etc., we have all special machines for fin bending and diameter rolling. Different types of fins as per OEM design or, re-engineered are supplied by us. We also take up precise machining and refining of labyrinth seals of turbine rotors. We have special caulking tools / attachments to be more accurate and precise workmanship.

In time we will take care of your steam, oil and gas leakages thus improving efficiency of your turbo machine.

  Turbine Blades & Nozzles
  Repair & Reblading of Turbine
Rotors & Casings
  Thrust & Journal Bearings
  Labyrinth Glands or Seals
  Turbine Spares
  Mop & Gop
  Governing System Spares
  Boiler Feed Pumps
  Dynamic Balancing
   Client List

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