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We have the latest facilities to manufacture and supply white metal bearings and thrust pads. We use centrifugal babbiting equipment with thyrister controller for precise speed control to get best adhering results. We use electrical ovens and furnaces for pre-heating and melting process to get precise and require temperature control. The bearings are powered with white metal of IS 25 grade 87, 84, 90 or as specified by customer.

Precision machining of bearings is done using in-house lathes and milling machines.

Quality checks and N D T like dye penetrating test & ultrasonic testing are carried out for checking proper bonding of white metal.

We are here to cater to all your requirements of manufacturing or re-babbiting of 2-lobe,4-lobe, cylindrical, tilting pad , bush bearings and thrust, pads of all sizes for any brands of turbo machines.

  Turbine Blades & Nozzles
  Repair & Reblading of Turbine
Rotors & Casings
  Thrust & Journal Bearings
  Labyrinth Glands or Seals
  Turbine Spares
  Mop & Gop
  Governing System Spares
  Boiler Feed Pumps
  Dynamic Balancing
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