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We execute services in carrying out complete Spares Manufacturing of all types of Steam and Gas Turbines for Industrial and Power Generation, including Governing System, Turbo Generators , High Speed Centrifugal Compressors, Gear boxes and Pumps for different OEM'S like...

Bearings (Cylindrical, 2lobe, 4 lobe, Tilting pads), Thrust pads, Rotor shafts, Thrust collar, Blade wheels, Guide wheels, Blades, Blade Spacers, Nozzles, Nozzle Segments, L-Ring, Diffusers, Steam Glands, Oil Glands, Sealing fins Caulking wire, Governing Components, Servomotor Components, Gear & pinion, MOP Spares, GOP Spares, Valve cones, Valve Spindles, Yoke, Parting plane Fasteners, Consumables like Stag-B, Golden Hermitite etc., Carbon rings, Base Frames, Bearing Pedestals, Sleeves, Rotors, Coupling, Coupling bolts, Slip rings, Wedges Fan blades, All Generator Consumables, Lab seals, Oil seals, Gas seals, Diaphragms, Diffusers, Thrust collar, Thrust pads, Tilting pads, Shafts, Impellers, Coupling bolts, Coupling, Mechanical seals, Wear rings, Distance bushes, Balancing piston, Split rings etc, Sealing fins, Caulking wire, Sleeves, Nozzle ring, Heat Exchangers Tubes.

  Turbine Blades & Nozzles
  Repair & Reblading of Turbine
Rotors & Casings
  Thrust & Journal Bearings
  Labyrinth Glands or Seals
  Turbine Spares
  Mop & Gop
  Governing System Spares
  Boiler Feed Pumps
  Dynamic Balancing
   Client List

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